How To Establish Wi-Fi Connection

How To Establish a Wi-Fi Connection

Sometimes establishing a Wi-Fi connection to your wireless IP camera can be tricky. When you initially set up your camera, and remove the Ethernet cable from the back of your device, the device will quickly lose its connection if not setup properly. This is because the device has not properly connected to your Wi-Fi network and needs to be configured manually. This configuration can be set via the camera's web UI on a laptop or PC. For more information on how to manually establish a Wi-Fi connection, please follow the step be step instructions provided below. 

Step 1: Connect your camera directly to your network with an Ethernet cable and power on the device. Then, on a laptop or PC access the web UI for your device. For more information on how to connect to your camera's web UI, please click here

Note: The web UI is currently only compatible with Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Safari. Please use only these compatible web browsers to access the web UI for your device. For more information on how to access your camera using Google Chrome, please click here.

Step 2: Once you have logged into your IP camera's web UI, click on Setup>>Network>>WiFi. In the Wi-Fi menu, click on the Enable checkbox to enable the Wi-Fi settings for your device. 


Step 3: From the Wi-Fi list, click on the SSID associated with your network. Once it is selected you will be asked to input the Wi-Fi password for your network into the Input Password field. Enter the password for your Wi-Fi network and click Connect to establish a connection. 


Step 4: You will notice in the Wi-Fi Network Information area that the SSID for your Wi-Fi network is now connected to the device. 


Note: The IP Address in this field is the new IP address for your camera since it is now connected via Wi-Fi. 

Step 5: Log out of the web UI and disconnect the Ethernet cable from the back of your device. If a proper connection has been made, your device will remain on the network. If you are still having trouble connecting your device to Wi-Fi, please refer to the Wi-Fi best practices article found here

For more information on this topic, please refer to the video provided below: 

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