Amcrest Surveillance Pro - Assigning a Schedule

Amcrest cameras have a variety of viewers available as well as storage types that are supported. One of which uses Amcrest Surveillance Pro desktop application. This article will cover setting up the camera to record to an assigned schedule.

Record Plan offers the capability of assigning a schedule based on time, motion detection, alarm inputted devices that have been connected to the camera, and a combination of both motion detection and alarm.

Amcrest Surveillance Pro: Mac OS / Windows

First you will need to add your camera to Amcrest Surveillance Pro.

After the camera has been added setup a storage device for the camera.

On the main menu select "PC-NVR" and then select the "Record Plan" tab on the left.

If you have more than one camera you may need to twiddle the Channel drop down menu and select the camera you wish to assign a record plan.

Now select the gear  to bring up the "Period Select" window.

Here you can enter in set time intervals for the recordings to take place as well as assign the scheduling method. At the bottom of the window you can apply the schedule to individual days, or the entire week.

Click "Ok" and then click "Save."

If you have more than one camera you can copy the schedule to another camera by twiddling the Copy To drop down menu at the bottom of the window and select the camera you wish to add to the pre-existing schedule, again click "Save" to finish.

After the camera has been set to record to a storage device and been assigned a record plan, you can review playback of saved video files through your local HDD.

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