Amcrest Surveillance Pro - Reviewing Playback

Amcrest cameras have a variety of viewers available as well as storage types that are supported. One of which uses Amcrest Surveillance Pro desktop application. This article will cover how to review playback of recorded video files.

Amcrest Surveillance Pro: Mac OS / Windows

First you will need to add your camera to Amcrest Surveillance Pro.

After the camera has been added setup a storage device for the camera.

Lastly setup a schedule for your camera to record.

From the "Basic" row select "Playback."

On the right, you will find the Device and Local tabs.

Ensure Device is selected, then check the group to select all cameras within the group or open the group by twiddling the + button and check the IP address of the single camera you wish to review playback.

Under View you can select Type to view all records, general time intervals, alarm triggered events, or motion detected events.

Select Stream to view either the Main HD stream or the Sub SD stream.

Below that you will be able to select a date and time for reviewing.

After you've selected the camera and specified a date a time for viewing, click "Search."

The play back controls can now be used to play, stop, skip to next event, control the speed of playback, and mute audio. If you're viewing more than one camera, on the right hand side of the play back controls you will find a channel selection drop down menu to add or remove multiple channels, as well as go full screen.

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