Why Am I Getting an Authentication Error When Connecting a Smart Home Device to Other Applications?

Authentication errors are typically caused by the device not being successfully connected to the network, entering an incorrect username and password, or possible connectivity issues. For a few recommendations on how to resolve this issue, please refer to the information provided below. 

The Amcrest Smart Home must be used during the initial setup of the device, once the device has been successfully connected, an IP address will be registered to the device.

1. Make sure to add the device to your network using the Amcrest Smart Home app. The IP address for your device can be verified using the Amcrest IP Config Tool on your computer (if the device and the computer are on the same network) or in the Device Information menu for the device on the Amcrest Smart Home App. 

image1.JPG  Screenshot_20210802-121537.png

Note: The IP address format may differ based on specific networks. 

2. Verify the correct password is being entered into the software you are trying to access. For instance, if you are attempting to view the camera in the Amcrest IP Config Tool using the login option, please make sure to enter the username and password for the camera, not the smart home account. If the camera is properly connected to the network and the correct credentials for the device are entered, it will greatly reduce the risk of receiving an authentication error. 

3. Connectivity issues may also play a role in receiving authentication errors, this is due to the fact that the device is not receiving enough bandwidth or there may be some degradation involved when attempting to access the device. This may be especially prevalent when accessing devices using Wi-Fi. For more information on some best practices when it comes to Wi-Fi devices, click here.

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