How To Use the Baby Monitor Mode (ASH21-V3)

The ASH21-V3 camera comes equipped with a built-in baby monitor mode which allows you to use the camera to keep track of babies or small children. The baby monitor mode provides an adjustable sound threshold in the interface that allows the audio from the camera to always come through the app or to come through once a certain threshold is met. Please note, if using Android, this feature is only available on app versions 3.10.1 and up, for more information on how to use the baby monitor mode, please refer to the information below. 

Note: This is not a medical device, nor a device to prevent cases of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Do not solely rely on it for a baby's well-being. It is important to regularly check on the baby in person.

If using the camera as a baby monitor the camera should be placed in an area with high visibility of the child and free from obstruction. Please note, baby monitor mode can only be accessed via the main user account and cannot be accessed by a shared user.

The baby monitor mode can be activated via the live view screen of your camera. Tap on the Baby Monitor icon to access the interface. 


The baby monitor interface will display 3 options for baby monitor mode; Off, Auto, and Always On. The "Off" mode will turn off baby monitor mode completely. The "Auto" mode will turn the baby monitor mode on but will only produce sound once the set sound threshold (squelch) is met. The Always On mode will have the camera produce sound even if the sound threshold is not met, however, it will not provide an alarm to your mobile device unless the alarm sound threshold is met. 

Note: For the most accurate results it is highly recommended not to exceed 60 dBs. The higher the dB threshold the less likely the camera is going to detect sound from the monitored area.

CAUTION: Force closing or completely closing out of the Amcrest Smart Home app when using baby monitor mode may result in the feature being turned off even if placed into Always On mode. Please keep the app running in the background or active if using baby monitor mode. 

Using Auto Mode

To activate Auto mode, tap on the Auto button located in the interface. A sound threshold in baby monitor mode is measured by the amount of dBs the camera picks up. The threshold can be adjusted in the Auto mode menu by sliding the gray "Squelch" line up and down the graph. The amount of dBs the line needs to reach to produce a sound will be determined by the numbers in the left column which range from 0 - 100 dBs. 


The red "Alarm" line is the amount of dBs needed for the camera to trigger an alarm/notification to your mobile device. Once the graph reaches above the alarm line an alarm/notification will be sent to your mobile device. This can be adjusted by sliding the red "Alarm" bar up or down the graph. 


Using the Always On Mode

Tap on the Always On tab to access the Always On interface. Since the app will always be producing sound from the camera the gray "Squelch" line will not be available in this menu. The red "Alarm" line however can be adjusted up and down the graph to determine when an alarm/notification will be triggered and sent to your mobile device. 



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