How to Customize Alarm Audio Files for the Siren Deterrent (IP8M-TD2685EW-AI)

The camera's built-in siren can be customized using different audio files. The camera has its own built-in default alerts which can be selected however a customized audio file can be used for the siren. For more information on how to change and customize alarm audio files please refer to the information provided below. 

Step 1: Log in to the web user interface (web UI) for your camera. For more information on how to access the web UI for your camera click here. 

Step 2: In the web UI, navigate to Setup>>Camera>>Audio and select the Audio Alarm tab.


Step 3: In the Choose column, select which audio file you would like to use as a deterrent. To review the file, click Play, to download the file to your computer click the Download button. Please note, default audio files cannot be modified or deleted from the interface. 

Step 4: To test the new siren, navigate to the live view menu and click the Siren icon ( mceclip0.png ).

How to Add a Customized Alarm Audio File. 

Step 5: Navigate to the Alarm Audio tab and click Add Audio File


Step 6: Enter a name for the file into the Audio File menu and click Record


Speak into the microphone on the camera to record the audio file. Click Stop when done. The file will then be placed into the Alarm Audio menu as a .pcm formatted file. To review the file, click the Play button, you can also download the file by clicking Download, the customized file can be modified or deleted from the interface if necessary. 


Step 7: An audio file can also be uploaded into the interface. It is recommended to use a .wav format audio file however other audio file formats may be acceptable. Click the Add Audio File button and select the Upload radio button. Click the Browse icon and select the audio file you would like to upload. Click Upload to load the file into the interface.


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