How to Factory Reset Your Amcrest Doorbell (AD410)

Performing a factory reset on your doorbell will reset the device back to its original default settings. Please make sure the device is powered on when performing this procedure. For more information on how to factory reset your doorbell, please refer to the information provided below: 

Note: It is highly recommended to delete your device from your Amcrest Smart Home account before performing a factory reset. For more information on how to delete a device from your account, click here

Step 1: Locate the Reset/MicroSD flap on the back of the doorbell, open it and locate the "Reset" hole. 


Step 2: Insert a safety pin or other similar device into the reset hole then press and hold the reset button until the device prompts you that it is hard resetting. 

Step 3: Let go of the reset button. The LED indicator on the front of the doorbell will begin to flash. Allow the device to initialize, the Wi-Fi hotspot will then be enabled allowing you to add the device to your Amcrest Smart Home account. Please note, the default username and password for the doorbell will be admin

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