How To Setup a Camera In Blue Iris with RTSP Support (ASH21)

How To Setup a Camera In Blue Iris with RTSP Support (ASH21)

Amcrest Smart Home devices such as the ASH21 can connect and record to Blue Iris. This is possible by obtaining the IP address of the camera and entering the applicable RTSP information into the software. 

The camera must be set up first using the Amcrest Smart Home app before adding it to any additional software. For more information on how to add your specific device using the Amcrest Smart Home app, please refer to the Quick Start Guide for your specific device.

For more information on how to add an Amcrest Smart Home product to other platforms click on one of the following links below: 

Note: The camera and the computer you are using must be on the same network during setup. Please make sure you are using the most current version of Blue Iris during setup. The latest version of Blue Iris can be downloaded here.

Adding Your Camera to Blue Iris

Step 1: Open the Blue Iris Software. Right-click on the main interface to display the New camera interface.


Step 2: Enter a Full name and Short name for the camera. Make sure to also click on the "Enable audio" checkbox to enable audio. Click OK.  


Step 3: Use the Amcrest IP Config tool to locate the IP address for your doorbell from the network. To download the Amcrest IP Config tool, click here


Step 4: Enter the IP address of the camera in the Address field. Enter the username and password for the camera into the User and Password fields.


Step 5: Click on the Make drop-down menu and select Amcrest


Step 6: In the Model, dropdown menu select AD110, ASH21, ASH26,...RTSP. 


Step 7: In the Params field, enter the following RTSP information: channel=1&subtype=0&authbasic=64


Step 6: Click Skip initial HTTP and reachability tests.


Step 7: Click OK.


The camera has now been added and visible in Blue Iris software.


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