Accessing Amcrest Smart Home Products Using RTSP

Some applications or viewing tools can use Real Time Streaming Protocol or RTSP to pull a device's stream. This requires a specifically formatted URL. Please note, not all Amcrest Smart Home devices, such as the AB2WFSET will be compatible with RTSP streaming.

URL: rtsp://admin:password@IPAddress:554/cam/realmonitor?channel=1&subtype=0&authbasic=64

Please note, the admin and password portions of the URL will be the username and password of the CAMERA not the username and password of the account. 

RTSP URL Breakdown

The bracketed items are variables that you need to input according to your setup. Explanations of each variable are given below.

rtsp:// - The RTSP protocol 

[admin] - username of the camera/device 
[password] - password of the camera/device
[IP address] - IP address of the camera/device. If you are not on the same local network, this should be the external IP address of the device's network.
[port] - RTSP port number

[channel] - channel number of the stream                                                                                    

[stream] - main or sub stream (use "main" (01) for main stream and "sub" for substream (0)

[authbasic] - basic authentication for the stream (64).

Using VLC Media Player to Access an Amcrest Smart Home Device on RTSP?

Before proceeding, please ensure the device is properly added to the Amcrest Smart Home app, powered on, and the computer you are using is on the same network as the device. For information on how to set up your device on the Amcrest Smart Home app, please refer to the quick start guide provided with your specific device. 

Step 1: Download the Amcrest IP config tool. To access the Amcrest IP config tool, please visit:

Step 2: Open the Amcrest IP config tool and locate the IP address for your Amcrest Smart Home device.

Please note, the IP address represented in the above image is for reference purposes only. The IP address for your specific device may be different depending on the network. 

Step 3: Lauch the VLC Media Player


Step 4: In the toolbar, click on Media, then click on Open Network Stream to display the open-source window. 


Note: The open network stream menu can also be opened by pressing Ctrl-N while the VLC player is opened. 

Step 4: Enter the RTSP protocol into the Network Protocol field and fill in the information into the URL. 


Click Play.


You can now begin streaming your camera live.  



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