Why is My Chime Constantly Ringing?

Why is My Chime Constantly Ringing?

If you have a constantly ringing doorbell, this could be due to improper voltage due to either a wire
short or a fluctuation in the chime system. If your chime is constantly ringing after setup, please ensure the included chime kit (power kit) is properly connected to your existing chime. This will help to regulate the voltage from the chime to the doorbell ensuring proper voltage is being supplied to the chime. For more information on how to verify if your chime kit is installed properly, please refer to the quick start guide provided with your device or click here.

Note: If your chime requires the use of batteries, please also make sure to replace the batteries to make sure proper voltage is being applied to the system.

If your chime is still consistently ringing there may be a wire short somewhere in the system. Make sure to turn the breaker off to your doorbell and check that all wiring is correctly attached to your chime (i.e. the Front and Trans terminals) and that there is no impedance between the transformer and your chime system.

If all wiring is properly verified, turn the breaker back on and ensure the problem is resolved. Also, it is good practice to ensure adequate voltage is being supplied to the doorbell and chime system. Use a volt meter to check the voltage to the doorbell as well as the chime system. The proper voltage should range from 16~24V AC and should not have random fluctuations. If improper voltage is being applied, please contact a local electrician to resolve the issue. 

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