Chime Compatibility List for Amcrest Wi-Fi Doorbell (AD110)

Below is a list of compatible chimes for the Amcrest Wi-Fi Doorbell. 

No. Manufacture Model Type Compatibility Remarks
1 Byron 776 Mechanical NO  
2 Byron Wi53027 Mechanical OK  
3 Heath Zenith

WD-1BASE or the SL-2796-02

Mechanical OK  
4 Adamax CMH1 Mechanical OK  
5 Friedland D142M Mechanical OK  
6 QUORUM 102-1-6 Mechanical OK  
7 NuTone Wi53027 Mechanical OK  
8 Carlon DH120 Mechanical OK  
9 HOME DEPOT Modelo 216599 Mechanical OK  
10 USI Electric BCK1-PDWH2UM Mechanical OK  
11 EDWARDS C212-W-2L Mechanical OK  
12 Heath Zenith SL-2796 Mechanical OK  
13 Craftmade C102X2L Mechanical OK  
14 Carlon DH506 Mechanical OK  
15 Honeywell RCW100N1000 Mechanical OK  
16 Honeywell 51366SL Digital NO  
17 Honeywell D844 Digital NO  
18 BCS IDEAS YourBell Digital NO  
19 Carlon DH852E Digital OK Chime needs Battery
20 iChime iChime Digital OK  
21 IQ GROUP DW1402-ACES Digital OK  
22 HOME DEPOT 216590 Digital OK  
23 Heath Zenith DW-57 Digital OK  
24 Hampton Bay HB-7612-02 (1001 407 776) Digital OK  
25 Utilitech UT-7578-02 (#0568978) Digital OK  
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