Installing the Doorbell Without Existing Chime System?

The Amcrest Wi-Fi doorbell requires a 16V~24V AC power connection to function. If new wiring is being installed for your doorbell, a third-party transformer with 16V~30Va would be efficient to use for installation. Amcrest does not currently sell its own brand of transformers for the doorbell.

The Amcrest Wi-Fi doorbell does not require a chime to function as long as adequate voltage is being applied to the device. Please note, the Amcrest WiFi doorbell also does not require any special resistors and/or diodes to function. It is highly recommended to consult an electrician to establish a proper wired electrical connection for your doorbell if existing wiring is not available. For more information on how or where to get an installer click here.

If you are installing the doorbell without an existing wiring or chime system, a high voltage power adapter (18V, 800mA) can be used to power your device if a wall socket is available. If you are attempting to power the device with a high voltage power adapter, and a chime system is in place during installation, please note that only the doorbell will be usable since the power adapter will not supply adequate voltage to your mechanical or digital chime.

When activated the physical doorbell will chime when pressed via its built-in speaker and a push notification will be sent to your smartphone via the Amcrest Smart Home app allowing you to use your doorbell without existing wiring.

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