How to Setup DDNS on your Device

How to Setup DDNS on your Device

DDNS stands for dynamic DNS, or more specifically, dynamic Domain Name System. It's a service that maps internet domain names to IP addresses. It's a DDNS service that lets you access your device from anywhere in the world.

To setup DDNS on your device, you will need to access the web user interface (web UI) for your device on a laptop or PC. For more information on how to access the web UI, click here

Step 1: To setup DDNS service you will need to port forward your device. For more information on how to port forward your device, click here

Step 2: After your device is port forwarded, navigate to the web UI and click on Setup>>Network>>DDNS and enable DDNS service by clicking on the enable check box.


The DDNS provider will be defaulted as AMCREST DDNS, please leave this selection as AMCREST DDNS. Additionally, the server address will be Next, enter a Domain Name for your IP address. For example, "".  The update period for your DDNS service will be set to 10 minutes. It is recommended to leave this as 10 unless otherwise instructed. 

Step 3: Click on Save to save the DDNS settings to your device. 

To test your DDNS connection, log out of the web UI and close the browser. Reload the web browser and enter the DDNS IP address you just created. The web UI login screen will appear and you will be able to login as normal. 

DDNS service can also be used in the Amcrest View Pro app, for more information on how to set your DDNS connected device in the Amcrest View Pro app, click here.



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