How to Create/Modify Alerts

How to Create/Modify Alerts

Alerts based on the custom zones that were previously created in the system. For more information on how to create a custom zone, click 

Alerts can be created/modified using the Amcrest GPS web portal or the Amcrest GPS Pro app. For more information on creating/modifying alerts, please refer to the information provided below. 

Using the Web Portal (

Step 1: Visit and log into your GPS account. 

Step 2: Click on the Alerts tab. 


Step 3: Click on "+ Add New Alert"


Step 4:  Fill out the provided form with the requested information. Enter an alert name, this will be the custom name for your alert. Choose a Device(s), this can be related to individual zones or zone groups. Select your mobile network carrier from the drop down menu and enter your phone number into the provided field. Enter an email address in the provided email address field. If there are multiple users, repeat the information into the provided fields.

Click the Create Alert button to complete the process.


Modifying Alerts

To edit or modify your alert settings, please choose the “View/Edit” option from the alert drop down menu.


The form for the selected alert will be displayed. Enter the updated information into the form and click on Update Alert, to update the alert.


Deleting Alerts

To delete an alert, click on the Delete option in the Alert interface.


To delete the alert, click on the Confirm option the alert will be successfully deleted from the interface.

Using the Amcrest GPS Pro App

The Amcrest GPS Pro app is available for iOS and Android devices. Please visit the App Store or Google Play Store to download the app.  


Step 1: Log into your GPS account.

Step 2: Tap on the main menu icon ( mceclip2.png ). 

Step 3: Tap on Alerts.


Adding Alerts

Alerts are used to provide push notification alerts to your mobile device if a device enters or exits a custom zone. An email can also be used to receive zone alerts if applicable.

A zone alert can be applied to multiple devices in the interface and can also be applied to individual (ungrouped) zones or specific zone groups. To begin creating an alert, tap on “+Add Alert”. Enter a name for the alert in the interface and tap on the Select Device(s) drop down menu to select your device. Multiple devices can be applied to a single alert if necessary. Tap Confirm for add a device into the Alert setup interface.

mceclip5.png  mceclip6.png

Select whether the alert will apply to individual zones or a zone group. Tap on the Select Zone(s) drop down menu and select the applicable zone for the alert from the menu and tap Confirm.

mceclip7.png  mceclip8.png

Enter all necessary information in the alert menu, select the current mobile carrier for your mobile device from the Mobile Carrier Phone drop down menu, then enter a phone number in which push notifications will be sent. If applicable, enter a valid email address the in the Email field. Another mobile device can be used as well for the same alert in the #2 fields. Tap Add Alert to apply the alert to your device. Alerts can be created and edited as well in the Alerts menu in the app.

Editing Alerts

To edit an alert, select an alert from the Alert interface and tap on View/Edit. Update the alert information and tap Update Alert.

mceclip9.png  mceclip10.png

Deleting an Alert

To delete an alert, select the alert from the interface and tap Delete. A prompt will ask if you would like to delete the alert, tap Delete to confirm. Multiple alerts can be deleted at the same time as well by selecting each alert in the interface and tapping Delete.

mceclip11.png  mceclip12.png


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