How to Use the Map Tool

How to Use the Map Tool

The map is the default option that appears when the user first accesses the device. It displays the last known location, map details, as well as tracks the device while in motion. The map tool can be can be used in the web portal as well as on the Amcrest GPS Pro app. 

The Amcrest GPS Pro app is available for iOS and Android devices. Please visit the App Store or Google Play Store to download the app.  


mceclip0.pngDevice List – This section shows all the devices associated with your account. Use the drop-down button on the bottom right of this section to view more information about the status of the device, such as battery life, location, street view, and settings of the device.

 Last Known Location – This area shows on the map where the GPS tracker last reported its location. Click on the pinpoint to display the current speed, battery %, odometer, date and time, and last reported location of the device.

Additional Mapping Details

To access additional mapping features for a GPS device, click on the drop down menu arrow next to the device.


This will populate a full list mapping features that are available for your GPS.


Speed: Displays the current speed of the vehicle.

Battery: Displays the battery life of the unit.  

Odometer: Displays the current odometer reading of the vehicle.

Last Location: The last reported location of the device.

Device Frequency: The current reporting frequency of the device.

Track: Displays the current position of the device.

Street View: Provides a Google Earth image of the last location of the device.

Settings: Allows the user to setup or modify alert settings, change skin colors, trip timers, etc.

Telemetry Data: Export telemetry data, via an excel file, within a specific date and time range.

Get Shareable Tracking Link: This option provides a shareable link in which the user can share the location of the device.

Note: The shareable link is only valid for 3 days, to continue using, a new link will need to be generated.

Update Interval Frequency / Battery Life: This option provides a quick link to upgrade to a lesser interval GPS tracking plan. For a direct link to this option, visit:


The tracking option is a feature in the GPS portal that allows you to access real time information on the location of your GPS. To access the track location feature, click on the Track option in the device list menu. The view location option will provide a map of the device’s location as well as an address.


Street View

The street view option allows the user to view a Google map, street view, image for the location of the device.



The settings menu allows the user to enable or disable alert options such as, push notifications, email alerts, trip alerts, speed alerts, power on/off alerts, battery alerts, SOS Emergency alerts, disconnection alerts, tracker skins, etc.


Telemetry Data

This option allows the user to export a spreadsheet of telemetry data such as, latitude and longitude, speed, odometer, battery percentage, Azimuth, etc.


To export telemetry data, click the Telemetry Data option and choose a date and time range. Telemetry data from the last 10 days can only be exported. Click Apply and then click Export CSV, the spreadsheet will download to your device.

Get Shareable Tracking Link

This option allows the user to generate a shareable tracking link which can be provided to multiple users to track the device. Click Copy Link to copy the provided link.


Update Interval Frequency / Battery Life

This option provides a quick link to upgrade to a lesser interval GPS tracking plan. For a direct link to this option, visit:


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