How To Setup Multicast

How To Setup Multicast

Multicast is a feature available in the web user interface of the camera that enables the camera to broadcast its live view to multiple computers on the same network. For additional information on how to access the web user interface for your camera, click here

Below is a screenshot of the multicast screen:       

Below is an explanation of the fields in the Multicast settings screen:        

  • Enable: This checkbox allows the user to enable Multicast functionality.
  • Multicast Address: This field allows the user to enter a multicast address.
  • Port: This field allows the user to enter a multicast port.

In this example we will be using VLC media player to multicast.

Multicast Setup

Step 1: In the web user interface, navigate to Setup>>Network>>Connection and verify the RTP port is correct. 


Note: The default port for RTP[0] is 40000 and for RTP[1] is 40001, the default RTP port is 554.

Step 2: Using your internet browser, (Internet Explorer or Safari) type in the command to enable RTP[0] and RTP[1]. The following command will be as follows: 


The following command can be used if you are using 40001


In the "ip" segment of the command, insert the IP address for the device you are casting.

Step 3: If applicable, download the VLC media player onto your computer. The software can be found here: 

Download VLC Media Player for Windows

Download VLC Media Player for MAC OS

Step 3: Open the VLC media player on your computer and go to Media>>Network and input the command: 


Note: In the "ip" segment of the command, make sure to enter the IP address for the device you are casting. Port number:554 is the default RTSP port number.

Step 4: Click on the Play button to play the stream. 

UDP Multicast

If you are using UDP as a way to multicast, the UDP modify will be the same as RTP. 

To enable the TS protocol, enter the following into the address bar of your web browser (internet Explorer, Safari): 


As before, in the "ip" segment of the command, insert the IP address for the device you are casting.

To modify the UDP multicast address, enter the following into your web browser:


The default address of UDP is, the modify range is 239.X.X.X In the VLC, input udp://@ (if there is only 1 IPC online, however, if multiple IPC connect in the LAN, you should change the default address to others.)


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