How To Find The Model Number of Your Device

Knowing the model number of your device is important if you are locating and upgrading firmware, requesting technical support, or any other kind of basic tasks related to the device. A model number can be listed with the following prefixes, IPM, IP2M, IP3M, IP4M..etc depending on the specific model of you camera. For DVRs/NVRs, DVR model numbers typically begin with AMDV, and NVRs begin with NV prefixes. The model number of your device can be found in several different areas: 

  • Serial Number tag on the back/side/bottom of the device.
  • On the box that the device came with.
  • Using the Amcrest IP Config Tool.
  • Using the Amcrest Knowledge Base.

Serial Number Tag

The serial tag is the most efficient means of locating a model number. A serial tag can be found on the back/side/bottom depending on the device and will include the following information; serial number, model number, power adapter recommendations (Input), as well as a scannable QR Code which includes quick access to the serial number. 

The model number for the camera can be found in the MODEL field on the tag as highlighted in the image below: 

IMG_9361.jpg  20181112_115714.jpg  20181112_115647.jpg

   IP Cameras                                 DVRs                                          NVRs

On the Box

You can also find the model number of your device printed on the box that the device came with. The model number can be found in the item description on the box, or on a printed serial tag affixed to the box. 




Finding the Model Number Using the Amcrest IP Config Tool

If you do not have access to the serial number tag directly you can also locate the model number for your device on the Amcrest IP Config tool on your computer. This is a free software offered by Amcrest that will automatically scan your home network and locate the credentials of a connected device. If you are interested in downloading the Amcrest IP Config tool, click here

The software is available for both Windows and Mac users. Each version can be found directly on the downloads page of the link provided above. For more information on how to locate the serial number using the Amcrest IP Config tool, follow the instructions provided below. 

Step 1: Download and install the Amcrest IP Config tool from the Amcrest downloads page. 

Step 2: Open the software and let it scan you network. When a connected device is detected, the device will be displayed in the software. 

Note: The computer and the device you are searching for must be on the same network when

Step 3: Locate the Model field. This will be the serial number for your device. 


Using Amcrest Knowledge Base

The Amcrest support knowledge base is another great tool to use when locating the model number of your device. To access the knowledge base, visit All model numbers listed can be found in specific categories related to the type of device you are searching.

For instance, if you have an outdoor WiFi or PoE camera, you will click on that section on the support page, all model numbers for that category will be listed in this section: 

Locate your specific camera from this section and beneath the image for that camera you will notice the model number associated with that specific device. 

Finding the Model Numer on a HikVision Camera.

The model number for HikVision cameras are typically found on the serial tag directly above the serial number. 


Finding the Serial Number on an Axis Camera. 

The model number for Axis cameras are typically found serial tag above the part number (P/N).



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