How To Tell When Your DVR Is Recording

How To Tell When Your DVR Is Recording

Most Amcrest DVRs are default to set recording to general(regular) or continuous recording. To begin recording on your device a compatible hard drive must be installed in the device. For more information on hard drive compatibility click here

To record on your DVR you will need to access the record schedule menu and adjust your record schedule accordingly. For more information on how to adjust your recording schedule, refer to the information provided below. 

Setting a Record Schedule

Step 1: Log into your device, access the main menu and select Storage from the settings menu. 


Step 2: Click on the schedule tab to access the record schedule for your device. 


Below is an explanation of the fields on the Record settings screen:

Channel: This dropdown box allows the user to pick which channel they would like to change video recording settings for.
Prerecord: This field allows the user to capture extra video that occurs before an event. Up to 30 seconds of video prior to a recording event can be captured to provide context to a recording.
Redundancy: This checkbox allows the user to enable the redundancy backup feature. This feature allows the DVR to record video to two hard drives concurrently to ensure that in the case of a hard drive failure, the recorded data may be backed up to another hard drive.

o Note: This function only works if the HDD has two hard drives installed.
o Note: One hard drive must be designated as redundant from the HDD Manager menu. 

Record Types: There are 4 types of recordings:

o Regular: Regular recording means that the DVR captures all footage for the specified time period. Regular recording is represented by green.

o MD: Motion Detection recording means that the DVR captures only footage when the motion
detection alarm is activated. MD recording is represented by yellow.

o Alarm: Alarm recording means that the DVR captures only footage when an alarm is activated.
Alarm recording is represented by the color red.

o MD & Alarm: This type of recording is a combination of motion detection and alarm footage, and records when either a motion detection alarm or general alarm is activated. MD & Alarm recording is represented by the color white.

To set a recording schedule for your device, click on the set option (My_Great_Capture_Screenshot_2018-09-18_11-26-03.png) icon located on the right of the day you wish to set the schedule. The system allows for the configuration of up to 6 different time periods.


By default, the device will be assigned to (00:00 - 24:00) to signify a 24/7 recording schedule. You can customize this period if you wish. For example, if you only want to record when no one is present or on a firm schedule, such as a Monday - Friday work schedule of 9am to 5pm.

To set this schedule, click on the first batch of numbers (00:00) and modify them to your desired time. Next, click on the second batch of numbers (24:00) and modify those as well. The example should look like this: 


As discussed you can modify up to 6 periods per day, so if you want to account for more time periods for that day you can. If you want to apply these settings throughout the week, use the Copy button. You can select which days you would like to schedule or can select All to apply these settings to all days. When you have successfully completed your schedule, click OK to save and apply your settings. 


If you wish to apply a schedule for motion detection, select the yellow MD option. You can then use the schedule interface, to adjust motion detection schedules. You can also use your mouse to apply motion detection settings to your schedule. 


To revert to default settings, click the Default button near the bottom left hand corner. To copy settings to another channel, click Copy near the bottom left hand corner. To confirm settings, click the OK button near the bottom right hand corner. To cancel any modifications, click the Cancel button near the bottom right hand corner. To apply the settings, click the Apply button near the bottom right hand corner.

Note: Always save and apply your settings to your device. If you do not apply and save your settings will not be saved into the system. 

How Do I Access My Recordings?

To check to see if your recordings have been saved properly to your hard drive. Click on the Playback tab to access stored footage. For more information on the playback interface click here

You can also check the status of your hard drive by clicking on the HDD Manage tab. In this menu you can view the status of your hard drive as well as the amount of free space/total space currently remaining on your hard drive. If you would like to set your device to automatically overwrite old data when it is full, you will need to go to the Basic tab and set your settings accordingly.

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