HDCVI Playback Window Overview

The playback menu allows you to access and playback recorded video footage as well as select and export specific video clips. In the right hand panel you will notice a calendar, the dates with a dot indicate video footage is retained for that day. To view a recording you will need to select one of these dates. The selected date will be highlighted in blue. 


Beneath the calendar, you will notice your channel view options. In this section, you can select and deselect specific channels you would like to view. At the bottom of the screen, are the video controls and the channel timeline. All recordings applied to these channels will be shown in the timeline. Use the zoom control to zoom in and out on the timeline.


A file list of each recording can be accessed in the file list menu. To access the file list, click on the file list icon ( mceclip2.png ) located in the lower left corner of the interface. 

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