How To Setup Alexa Using Amcrest Cameras

Many of our Amcrest IP cameras are compatible with select Amazon Alexa devices. An Amcrest Cloud account and a camera connected to the Amcrest Cloud is required to set up your camera on Alexa. For more information on how to setup an Amcrest Cloud account click here.

Note: The name of the camera on your Amcrest Cloud account will be the name used to view your device on Alexa.

Note: Certain Alexa devices such as the Echo Show 5 only support cameras up to 4MP resolution. Cameras set at a higher resolution above 4MP may experience issues connecting to Alexa.

For a brief guide on how to connect your Amcrest camera to a supported Amazon Echo device, please follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Ensure your Alexa device has completed its initial setup including synchronization with your Amazon account. 

Step 2: Download the Amazon Alexa app from the Apple App store or Google Play Store and sign in using your Amazon Alexa account.

Step 3: Once you are logged into the app, from the Home menu, tap on the menu icon ( mceclip0.png ) and tap "Skills & Games".


Step 4: Tap on the search icon ( mceclip1.png )and search for "Amcrest Cloud". Download and install the Amcrest Cloud skill. 


Step 5: Tap on Enable To Use.


Step 6: Sign into your Amcrest Cloud account to authenticate the connection. Tap Continue.


Step 7: You Amcrest Cloud account has now been properly linked. Please close this window to proceed.


Step 8: Tap on Discover Devices


Alexa will begin discovering your connected devices. This may take up to 45 seconds to complete.

Step 9: Tap on Set Up Device.


Note: If you have more than 1 device on your Amcrest Cloud account, tap on Choose Device and set each device accordingly.

Step 10: You can then request Alexa to show you the camera by uttering a phrase. For example, if your camera is named "Office", speak the phrase: "Alexa, show me the Office camera." The camera's live stream will be displayed.

As a reminder, the name of the camera on your Amcrest Cloud account will be the name used to view your device on Alexa.

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  • For those of you that keep your cameras on a different network or VLAN and do not want to expose your cameras to the internet, you can use It keeps your live streams within your network and allows them to work on your alexa devices. Works great. Another benefit you can have full HD or 4k without needing a bunch of internet bandwidth, because your camera streams never leave your network where your Alexa's or fire TV's are. 

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