How To Setup Motion Detection

How To Setup Motion Detection

Configuring Motion Detection on your camera is a very simple process. Follow the instructions below to better understand how you can configure your camera to detect motion without receiving all those false alerts.

After logging into your camera, navigate to Setup.

Select the Event tab and then Video Detect.

This is the Motion Detect configuration screen.


Motion Detect

  • Schedule: Clicking Setup opens a window where you can create a weekly schedule for recordings to occur.
  • Anti-Dither: This time value controls how long the alarm signal lasts. Based on motion detection, a buzzer can go off, a tour can begin, PTZ can be activated, a snapshot can be taken, or the camera can begin recording.
  • Detection Area: Clicking Setup opens a window where you can adjust the detection areas where motion occurs, its sensitivity and threshold values as well.
  • Record: This checkbox allows the user to enable the camera to record video when motion occurs.
  • Record Delay: This field specifies in seconds how long the delay between alarm activation and recording should be.
  • Send Email: This checkbox allows the user to enable the camera to send an email when motion occurs.
  • Snapshot: This checkbox allows the user to enable the camera to take a snapshot when motion occurs.


Click and drag the green bars to set motion detection for certain days of the week, or enter in each of the periods at the bottom of the window. Motion detection can be set for each day and enabled using the period settings. Once your schedule has been created click Save, the window will close and click Save once more to apply the changes in the Motion Detect screen.


Detection Area

Within this window a live stream of the video will appear, along with options to set the Region.

  • Region: Each region can be set to have it's own name, sensitivity and threshold values. A total of four regions can be customized.
  • Sensitivity: The amount of change required to increase the motion detection by a percentage. The lower the sensitivity, the more movement is required to trigger an alarm.
  • Threshold: The level that the motion detection needs to reach in order to trigger an alarm. The lower the threshold, the more likely motion will trigger an alarm.

To designate a zone, click and drag the mouse over the desired area. When a colored box is displayed over the live feed, that area is now enabled for motion detection.

The scale shown below the options in the right side of the window. You can raise and lower the sensitivity and threshold values to meet the setting the camera will require for positive motion alerts. Motion that's triggered will be seen as red bars. Motion that's detected, but not triggered, will be seen as green bars.

As you can see some shadow movements, whether it's from clouds, trees, or a person, will trigger a motion alert. Raise the threshold to counter these false alerts until the false detection's stop occurring.

After the motion detection zone is set, click the Save button to exit the motion detection screen, the window will close and click Save once more to apply the changes in the Motion Detect screen.'


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