How To Access Your Device Using Google Chrome

How To Access Your Device Using Google Chrome

Please note: NPAPI plugins have recently been depreciated by both Google Chrome and Firefox. To access the web user interface for your device, we recommend using either Internet Explorer or Safari. Google Chrome users can use the Google Chrome extension.

For more information on how to access your device using Google Chrome, please click here.

To access your device on Google Chrome, you will be using our Amcrest Web View Chrome App.

You will need to access device through the web user interface. You can find your device on your network locally through a Windows or Macintosh computer using Amcrest IP Config.

With your PC or Mac connected to the same network as your device, upon downloading and installing Amcrest IP Config, open the application and select the refresh button to populate the device in the table provided.

Click the “e” located on the far right under “Config” to open the device in your web browser. Please note that when you click the "e" your default browser will launch. Be sure to be accessing this device through Google Chrome and not another web browser. (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, etc.)

Login to your device using the username and password. If this is your first time accessing your device the default username is typically “admin” with the password set during the initial setup. 

(If you setup your device through desktop access already then you should be familiar with the Web UI login.)


Once logged in click the link to be redirected to the Chrome App Store in which you will find Amcrest Web View, the application to support the camera through Google Chrome.


It will automatically open the application after installing the application or clicking the open app button. You can find the application through your Google Accounts "My Apps" or using the URL: "chrome://apps."



Once you've opened the application, navigate to the same IP Address of your camera found on the Amcrest IP Config Tool through the URL search bar. Clicking "Enter" or select "Go", this will load Web UI to login to your device like before, but you will now have access to view your device from the live preview unlike before.


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