How To Use The Auto Tracking Feature On Your Amcrest Camera (IP4M-1083EW-AI)

The auto tracking feature allows the camera to automatically track an object for a specified amount of time or until the object is out of view of the camera. These events are triggered by AI features such as tripwire, intrusion, or other Deep IVS features associated with your device. For more information on how to activate the auto tracking feature, please refer to the information provided below. 

Step 1: Open a web browser and access the web user interface (web UI), for more information on how to access the web UI, click here. 

Step 2: Set up a Deep IVS feature such as tripwire, intrusion, etc. For more information on Deep IVS features, click here. 

Step 3: Ensure the Alarm Track option is enabled. This will be the feature needed for auto tracking. 

Step 4: Enter the amount of time the object will be tracked in the Track Time field. The default value is 30 seconds, however, can range up to 300 seconds if needed. 

Step 5: Click Save to apply the auto track settings to the camera.

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