How to Resolve a MicroSD Card Issue (ADC2W)

Before inserting the microSD card into your camera, ensure that the card is class 10 or higher and formatted to FAT32. For more information on how to format your microSD card to FAT32, click here

After inserting the microSD card into your camera, open the Amcrest Smart Home app and access the camera. If the card is not being recognized a prompt will be displayed asking if you would like to reformat, tap Yes.


The app will then begin reformatting the microSD card. Once the format is complete the app can then recognize the microSD card. 


If the issue still occurs, or the app fails to initially format the microSD card, remove the microSD card from the camera and unplug the camera from power. Insert the microSD card back into the camera, power it back up, and once it has been successfully connected to your network, access the camera again in the Amcrest Smart Home app and repeat the format process.



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