How To Verify Profiles Set on Your Device

Profile settings are used to determine sensitivity settings, amount of delay, as well as black & white, and color settings for different day and night profiles. To verify profile settings that have been set to your device you will need to access the web user interface (web UI) for your device on a laptop or PC. For more information on how to access the web UI, click here.

Step 1: Log into the web UI for your device on a laptop or PC. 

Step 2: In the web UI, navigate to Setup>>Camera>>Configuration>>Day & Night.


Below is a description of the options listed in the Day & Night menu:

Profile: This dropdown box allows the user to select which profile to modify. The 3 options are Day, Night, and Normal. Normal relates to both day and night time profile settings.

Mode: This dropdown menu allows the user to select which color profile to adjust. Below is a description of the features listed in this menu: 

  • Color: always represents picture in color, does not use IR or black and white mode. Performs poorly in dimly lit areas unless you are using the Starlight series cameras.
  • Auto: Uses D&N Sensitivity setting to change between color mode and infrared and black and white mode.
  • Black & White: Always sets picture to black and white, however when illumination is too dark it switches on IR mode.

Sensitivity: This option allows the user to change the Day/Night Sensitivity of the camera. The
three options are Low, Middle, and High. The higher the sensitivity, the quicker the camera will
change into another mode depending on the light levels.

D&N Delay: This dropdown box allows the user to set a delay in seconds for how long it takes to
switch between Day and Night modes. The values range from 2 seconds to 10 seconds.

Step 3: To verify profiles set on your device, select which profile you would like to verify from the Profile menu. You can adjust the other fields in this menu accordingly as well if need be. 

Step 4: Once the profiles for your device have been verified, be sure to click on the Save button to save and apply the settings to your device. 

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