Setting Date, Time, and DST

Setting the time and date for your device can be completed via the device's web UI only via a laptop or PC. For more information on how to access your device's web UI on a laptop or PC, please click here. 

Note: This procedure can not be completed via any Amcrest mobile applications. 

Step 1: Once you have accessed your device's web UI successfully, you will need to access your device's date and time settings. To access your date and time settings, please go to, Setup>>System>>General and click on the "Date & Time" tab. 


Step 2: This tab allows you to set the date and time settings for your device. In the tab, you will also notice a selection to sync your device with an NTP (Network Time Protocol) server. To display the correct date and time for your device, as per your specific time zone, please disable this option. 


Step 3: Once the "Sync with NTP Server" option is disabled, you can now properly sync your device to your local network/PC. To sync your device to the current time, please press the "PC Sync" button to set the current time and date for your device. 


Once this option is selected your date and time will be set for your device. Please press "Save" to save and apply your settings to your device. 


Step 4: Once your Date and Time are properly set in your device, if applicable, you can now enable your DST (Daylight Savings Time) settings. To enable DST on your device, click on the "Enable DST" option. Once this option is enabled, click on "Save" to save and apply your settings. 


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