How to Use People Counting (NV4116E-A2, NV4116-A2, NV4108E-A2, NV4108-A2)

People Counting is typically used to provide a statistic based on the number of people who enter and exit a certain area. Please note, this feature may differ depending on which model camera is being used on the NVR. Not all AI cameras support this feature. To view people counting overlays it is recommended to access this device in a web browser that supports a plugin such as IE mode on Edge, or access the NVR directly using a monitor. For more information on using people counting please refer to the information provided below. 

Step 1: Open a web browser and access the web user interface (web UI) for your device. For more information on how to access the web UI, click here.

Step 2: Enable the People Counting icon in the Smart Plan menu. Click Save.


Step 3: Click on the People Counting option and ensure the Enable checkbox is enabled. How this option works will be dependent on how your specific model camera handles the people counting function. Please refer to the user manual for your specific camera for more details regarding people counting. 

Viewing People Counting Data

People counting data shows the number of people reported by the system entering or exiting the area within a specified amount of time. This information is displayed graphically using a bar or line chart. For more information on viewing people counting data, please refer to the information provided below.

Click on the People Counting option located in the AI Search menu. Select a report type from the dropdown menu and enter the start and end time of the report in the Start Time and End Time fields. Click Search.


Note: An image or excel sheet of this data can be exported and backed up to a computer if needed. To export the data, click Export and set a file path, then download. 

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