How to Filter AI Recordings in the Playback Menu (AI NVR)

Standalone AI cameras may not be able to differentiate between AI record types. To filter and display these recordings it is highly recommended to use an Amcrest AI NVR that supports this function.

Amcrest AI NVRs utilize four record types in the playback menu, "Regular" (green) which supports 24/7 continuous recordings, "Alarm" (red) which displays external alarm events (if applicable), "Motion" (yellow) which displays motion detection events, and IVS (blue) which displays AI events detected by the system. Please note, if you are using face detection, the IVS record type maybe indicated in the playback menu with a "F" next to the IVS record event. 

Note: To view AI recordings it is highly recommended to use the Smart Search option located in the AI menu. For more information on using the smart search menu, click here.

To filter between different recording types in the playback menu, use the record type selection banner at the bottom of the interface. 


The device will be set to display all recording types in the file list. To display only AI recordings in the file list, deselect the All checkbox and enable the IVS checkbox only. Click on the File List icon to display the record types. 


For more information on how to download the recordings, click here.

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