How To Use the People Counting (AI NVR)

People Counting is used to provide a statistic based on the number of people who enter and exit a certain area. This feature is not a built-in AI feature and will only be applicable to certain IPC models that support the people counting function. 

Note: Position the camera in a manner in which the camera can detect all people in the detection area.

Step 1: Log into the NVR directly or using the NVR's web user interface (web UI) using a web browser and select AI from the main menu. For more information on how to access the web UI for your device, click here.

Step 2: In the Parameters section, access the Smart Plan menu. Click on the People Counting option.  Click on Apply (Save). 


Step 3: Click on the People Counting option located in the Parameters section. Ensure the correct channel is being used and click on the Enable toggle switch (checkbox) to enable the feature. Click Apply (Save).


To update any information regarding people counting. Click on the RULE button located in the Rule field of the interface. It is best to leave this area as default; however, you can modify the name, direction, or target filtering of the feature. Target filtering allows you to modify the detection area based on a minimum and maximum setting on the screen. Right click on the interface to exit.

Step 4: Use the interface to apply any additional settings such as, sending an email snapshot of the event (“Send Email”), etc. Click Apply (Save) when finished.


A People Counting overlay will be displayed on the live view screen indicating the number of enters and exits the system has detected. People Counting data for specific dates and times can be in its corresponding smart search menu. 

Viewing People Counting Data

People counting data shows the number of people reported by the system entering or exiting the area within a specified amount of time. This information is displayed graphically using a histogram or a line graph and can be exported to a USB flash drive if needed. For more information on how to view people counting data please refer to the information provided below.

Step 1: Click on the People Counting option located in the Smart Search menu. Enter a start and end time of the report in the Start Time and End Time fields. 


Step 2: Reports can be pulled in daily, monthly, or yearly increments. Click on the Report Type drop down menu to access additional reports if needed. Click Search to view statistics.


A chart will be displayed in the interface showing how many people have entered or exited the area. You can use the Histogram/Polygon buttons to switch between different report types.

Step 3: An excel spread sheet of this data can be exported and backed up via a USB flash drive. To export this data to a USB flash drive, insert a USB flash drive into a USB port on the NVR. Click Export in the interface. Click Save, this will export the excel sheet to your flash drive.


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