How to Register an Amcrest Smart Home Account

How to Register an Amcrest Smart Home Account

Registering an Amcrest Smart Home account is easy using the Amcrest Smart Home app. The Amcrest Smart Home app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store. 


Registering an account allows you to begin adding your Amcrest Smart Home devices into the app. Please note, if you currently have a Zencam Security account already, registration to the Amcrest Smart Home app is not necessary as these accounts will share the same credentials. If you have a Zencam account, simply download the Amcrest Smart Home app and enter your Zencam login information into the Amcrest Smart Home app to access your account. 

For more information on how to register a Amcrest Smart Home account, please refer to the information provided below. 

Step 1: Download the Amcrest Smart Home app from the App Store or Google Play Store and open the app. On the main screen, tap on Register


Step 2: Select the region in which you reside and tap Next to continue. 


Step 3: Enter a valid email address and tap the "I have read and agreed" check box. The "Send Verification Code" option will appear. This will be the code needed to register your account. Tap Send Verification Code


Step 4: Check the email address you entered for the verification code. Enter the verification code into the app and tap OK to continue. Please note, the verification code will only be valid up to 15 minutes.


Step 5: Enter a password for your account into the app and confirm the password in the next field. Set a password with a combination of 8 - 32 letters and numbers. The password will be case sensitive. Tap OK to continue. 


Your Amcrest Smart Home account has been registered successfully. You will now be able to begin adding devices to your account. For more information on how to add your specific Amcrest Smart Home device, please refer to the Quick Start Guide included with your device. 


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