How To Update the Driver (AWC5100)

How To Update the Driver (AWC5100)

A webcam driver is a program that allows communication between your webcam (in-built or external camera on your computer) and your PC. Having the most up-to-date driver can help to resolve certain issues such as autofocus, connection, or other issues the camera may be experiencing. For more information on how to update the driver on your Amcrest webcam, please refer to the information provided below. 

Note: To upgrade the driver, download the following driver and upgrade tool provided here.

Step 1: Plug the webcam into your PC and open the utility tool. 



The tool will automatically find the USB webcam once it has been opened. Depending on your antivirus or firewall that is being used, a false positive may appear, it may be necessary to temporarily disable it. Click OK.


This information will be automatically displayed in the “Select Device” field. 


Step 2: Click on "Update Flash", select the firmware file.


Select the driver from the initial folder, the .bin file will be in the File Name field. Click Open


Step 3: The update process will begin, allow the update to complete.


After the update has finished, wait 10 seconds and unplug the webcam then plug the webcam back into the PC. 

To confirm the update is successful, click on the "FW Build Day", which should be 2020.08

New Firmware Date:


Old Firmware Date: 


Note: Do Not use any other features on the tool.

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