How To Improve Audio on an Amcrest Webcam Using a Mac

How To Improve Audio on an Amcrest Webcam Using a Mac

If you are experiencing issues with audio on your webcam, it can be optimized using third party software such as eqMac or other free equalization software. For more information on other equalization software provided to help improve audio quality on your Mac, click here.

Before proceeding, please ensure you are using the most up to date version of the software you are using to view your camera.

How to Use eqMac to Improve Audio

Before using this software, open the third party software you use to view your webcam and plug the camera USB into your computer.

Download and install the eqMac software to you Mac computer. To download this free software, click here

This is a system-wide audio equalizer that works in conjunction with the viewing software of your preference. The software will require an audio driver to be installed on your computer. Please allow the driver to be installed and follow the on-screen instructions to launch the software. 


Use the built-in features such as volume, bass, mid, and treble settings to improve the overall sound quality. Customized equalizer presets can also be set by clicking on the (+) icon and saving your preset.

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