How To Setup Region Settings (AI NVR)

You can set up “regions‟ for motion detection using the region grid on your NVR. By default, the entire area of view for your cameras will be highlighted with red blocks indicating that all areas of the live view screen will have active motion detection. However, to prevent false events from occurring, you can use your mouse to block out certain areas.


If you hover your mouse pointer over the top-center edge of this window, another small window will appear with options to configure sensitivity and threshold settings as well as to choose from up to four regions.    

Sensitivity - is the measure of how many pixels on the screen need to change before being considered motion. 0 is the lowest value and 100 is the highest.       

In plain English: Sensitivity is the difference between a squirrel running up a tree, versus a big dog running up to and barking at that tree. A squirrel would trigger motion detection at a higher sensitivity because it takes less change or movement to qualify as motion. But the dog would trigger motion detection at a lower sensitivity because it takes more change or movement to qualify as motion

Threshold - is the degree of movement that needs to occur before the motion is defined as a motion event and is triggered. 0 is the lowest value and 100 is the highest.      

In plain English: Threshold is the difference between a car driving quickly by on a street and a car driving into the field of view, slowing down, and turning into a driveway. The car driving past would not trigger motion detection based on a certain threshold setting, but the parking car would trigger motion detection with that same threshold setting. The higher the threshold, the more time motion needs to occur before motion detection is triggered. The lower the threshold, the less time motion needs to occur before motion detection is triggered.        

If sensitivity is set to 100 and threshold to 0, motion detection will be triggered by almost any change in the field of view, large or small. But if sensitivity is set to 0 and threshold to 100, motion detection will be extremely difficult to trigger.      

The four regions are all different colors, so you can customize the field of view of any camera to your specific preferences.  


 To choose another region, hover your mouse pointer near the top center of the region window, and a small window will appear. Keep your mouse pointer inside that small window and select either region 2, 3, or 4:


You will be able to click individual blocks or click-and-drag an area with the newly selected color to highlight portions of the screen. Each new region (or color) has its own unique sensitivity and threshold settings. The different regions/colors can also overlap one another. To exit the regions setting screen, right click your mouse on the interface.

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