How To Use Playback (AI NVR)

Motion detection and IVS recordings can be accessed in the Playback option on the main menu. A hard drive must be installed to access and view recordings from this menu. To access the playback interface, click on the Playback option located in the main menu. This option can also be accessed using the web user interface (web UI) on a computer. For more information on how to access the web UI for your device, click here.

Click on Playback.


To view recordings from the search menu, select the camera you wish to view from the Camera Name section by clicking on a checkbox next to the device.


A timeline of the recordings will appear in the interface.

Click the Play button ( mceclip2.png ) to play all recordings available on the timeline.

Additionally, all days with recordings available will be highlighted in the calendar portion of the interface with a dot.

To select specific days/months or years, use the navigation arrows provided in the calendar. A file list of recordings can also be shown by clicking on the File List icon ( mceclip3.png ) located in the interface. Once clicked, a list of recordings will be shown based on the time the events were recorded.


Note: In the File List menu, “R” stands for regular/continuous recordings, “M” stands for Motion Detection recordings, and “I” stands for IVS recordings.

To play a recording from the File List menu, double-click on the file you want to view. The recording will automatically begin to play in the interface.

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