How To Perform A Factory Reset (IP8M-2597E)

How To Perform A Factory Reset (IP8M-2597E)

The actual reset process on these model cameras require opening the camera and getting to motherboard. The reset switch will be located on the motherboard.

Note: Prior to performing a physical, hard factory reset, it is recommended to first perform a reset via the web user interface (Web UI) of the camera on a computer. This is useful as well if you do not have direct, physical access to your camera. For more information on how to perform a factory reset in the web UI of your camera, click here.

Now let’s get started. Please ensure power is still going into the camera while performing the process.

Step 1: Unfasten and remove the top shield of the camera. 


Step 2: Using a Flathead screwdriver, carefully remove the top plastic covering over lens and IR LEDs.



Step 3: Remove the 4 security screws to remove the front housing of the camera to expose the camera’s motherboard.



Step 5: Locate the small factory reset switch on the motherboard.


Step 6: Press and hold the reset switch for about 45 seconds allowing the camera to reset. Once the reset is complete, reassemble the camera. 

Note: The username and password and all settings for your camera will return to its factory default settings. The username and password default are both admin.

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