Understanding the OSD menu

Most Amcrest Analog 4-in-1 Varifocal cameras, such as the AF-2MBC-VARIW, will come equipped with a toggle switch. This toggle switch is used to access the OSD menu as well as manually control and switch between different modes on your camera. Attached to these devices are an instructional set highlighting the basic uses of the toggle switch:


Switching Modes

The camera can be switched between TVI, CVI, AHD, and Analog modes, depending on the device it is hooked up to, using the toggle switch. To switch the camera to CVI mode, press and hold the menu (1) button and move the switch upward (2). To switch to TVI mode, press and hold the menu (1) and move the switch to the left (3). To switch to AHD or analog, press and hold the menu (1) button and move the switch to the right (4). Most Amcrest products function in CVI so it is recommended to keep the camera in CVI mode for best results. 

OSD Menu Functions

OSD stands for On-Screen Display. To access the OSD menu for your camera, press the menu (1) button and hold for 3 seconds. The OSD menu will appear:


Here is a brief description of each feature located in the OSD menu: 

Lens: Sets the levels and mode of the lens such as, deblur and normal.  
Exposure: Sets how light or dark the image will appear.
White Bal: Regulates preset color temperatures for the camera.

Backlight: Sets backlight settings for the camera.
DNR: Sets the noise reduction settings for the camera.

Day & Night: Sets preset day and night delays for the camera.

Image: Sets sharpness, color gain, and display output settings for the camera.
Special: Controls system settings related to display output, color space CVBS, etc. Sets privacy settings, motion detection, shading, color bards and lens adjustments. 

Return: Allows the user to exit the OSD menu or return to previous screens.

Use the toggle switch to navigate the OSD menu. The up and down directions toggle the on-screen arrow up and down. To select a menu, press the center menu button. To select or adjust an option in the menu, use the left and right directions on the toggle switch.

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