Amcrest DVR S3 Model and Above Initialization

Amcrest DVR S3 Model and Above Initialization

Most newer Amcrest model DVRs with end notations "S3" or above will provide a different setup method than its previous counterparts. To verify if your DVR has this specific end notation, inspect the serial number tag on the bottom of the device.


For example, if the model number for the device has a AMDVXXXXX-S3 or above end notation the below initialization procedures pertain to that device. For more information on the initialization process of these model DVRs, refer to the instruction set provided below. 

To begin, hook your device up to your network with an Ethernet cable and apply power to the device. Ensure you have a monitor on the device as well (VGA or HDMI) and allow the DVR to boot.

Once the DVR has successfully finished booting you will be immediately taken to a Device Initialization screen. The device initialization screen allows you to enable basic setup features more efficiently to the DVR. These are basic features related to the device, such as password setups or customized recovery settings.

Enter Password

The first screen you will see in the Device Initialization screen is the Enter Password page. This page allows you to set a password for your device and is represented in the image below.


To login to the system for the first time, you will need to assign a password for the user (admin) account. Please enter a password for the account into the password field and rewrite it into the confirm password field. You can also add in a prompt question that will be applicable for password recovery. The prompt question field is optional but is recommended to help you remember what the password you set was if you have forgotten.


  • Use a password that has 8 to 32 characters, it can be a combination of letter(s), number(s), and symbol(s) with at least two kinds of them. Do not use special symbols such as, (‘ “ ; : &).
  • These settings configured can be changed at any time by accessing the settings menu of the DVR when finished.
  • If the password for the administrator account is misplaced, forgotten, or a user is locked out, please click here to request a new password.

Unlock Pattern

The next screen that will be configured will be the unlock pattern screen. In this screen you can configure the unlock pattern for your device. This setting is set to ensure the security and integrity of your device but is optional and can be skipped by pressing the Skip button.


To set the unlock pattern, use the provided mouse to draw a continual pattern that you would like to use. Once you have drawn the desired pattern on the screen the system will ask you to confirm the unlock pattern you have set. To confirm the setup, use the mouse to draw the same pattern again. When complete you will be automatically directed to the password protection screen.

Password Protection

This screen is another means of password retrieval. If you would like to reset your password via email (recommended), toggle the email address toggle switch to the on position or check the checkbox for this option if applicable. Enter a valid email address in the Email Address field to retain the email address in the system. 


Next, you will need to enable security questions. These security questions will be set up to better assist with the password recovery process. To enable security questions, toggle the toggle switch to the on position or check the checkbox for this option if applicable in the Security Questions field. Select a question from the drop-down menu for Question 1, Question 2, and Question 3 and enter the answers to those questions in the Answer fields.

Once this section is complete, click on the Save button to save your information to the device. You will then be able to proceed with the Setup Wizard. For more information on how to utilize the setup wizard, click here.


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