How to Export and View Recordings From a NVR/DVR

This quick article will show you how to export and view any recorded events or videos located on your device.  This process will require the use of a USB flash drive. We recommend a flash drive with a minimum of 8GB to efficiently complete the process. For more information on how to export and view recordings, please refer to the information provided below. 

Step 1: Log into the local GUI of your device. 


Step 2: Click Playback


Step 3: Insert a flash drive into a USB port on your device. nv4108e-hs-1.jpg


Right click on the interface to exit the prompt. 


Step 4: Click on the File List icon. 


Step 5: Select which recording you would like to export from the file list and click the Save icon. 


Step 6: Ensure the correct files are selected and click Backup


Step 7: Select or create a folder in which the recording will be exported and click Start


Step 8: Allow the recording or recordings to export and click Save


Step 9: Remove the flash drive from the device and insert it into your computer to locate the .dav file. If you are having trouble playing back the .dav you can use the Amcrest Smart Player to play the file or you can use a third party video converting software to convert the file to a proper format. 

Exporting a Recording Using a Web Browser. 

If you would like to export a recording in a web browser, access the web user interface (web UI) of the device using Internet Explorer or IE mode in Microsoft Edge. This process requires the use of a plugin in the web browser so a compatible browser is required for this process. 

Step 1: Open the web UI and log into the interface using the username and password for your device. Allow all permissions to access the interface. Click on Playback


Step 2: Click on the File List icon. 


Step 3: Select the recording from the file list and notate the start and end times. Click on the trim icon. 


Step 4: Enter the start and end time into the interface and click the Save icon. 


Step 5: Choose a destination for the recording and allow the recording to be exported to the file destination. 



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