How to Export and View Recorded Videos

How To Export and View Recorded Videos

This quick article will show you how to export and view any recorded events or videos located on your device. 

NOTE: This process will require the use of a USB flash drive. We recommend a flash drive with a minimum of 8GB to efficiently complete the process. 

Step 1: On the live view screen, left click the mouse and log into your system with the appropriate log in credentials for your device. 


Step 2: In the "Operation" menu, click on the "Search" button and the playback window will then open.


For a more comprehensive overview of the playback window for your device, please click here.


Step 3: Make sure your USB flash drive is connected to a USB port located on your device. These ports can be located on the front and back of your device. nv4108e-hs-1.jpg


Step 4: Next, click on the "Play" button on in the playback menu to view your recordings. 

NOTE: If you are viewing multiple channels please select one channel. A green square will appear around the selected channel. 


Step 5: With your mouse you will need to click on the timeline to find which specific video you would like to export. It is advisable to write down the start and end times of theses specific recordings.


Once you have selected which time frame you would like to export, click on the wqr.PNG button. 

Step 6: To the right of the video controls, click on the "Video Clip" button. 


Enter the specific time frame of the video you would like to export into this field. 


On the timeline, you will now notice two arrows which indicates your selected clip. 


When you are finished click on the "Backup" button to open the back up menu. 


Step 7: In the back up menu, you will notice two sections, the top section highlights the information on the USB flash drive. The bottom section highlights the time frame of the recording you have selected. Make sure both check boxes are checked and then click on the "Backup" button.  


Step 8: You will notice the "Browse" window will now be open. This menu allows you to browse all files that are currently backed up on your USB flash drive. If you have not already done so, it is recommended to add a New Folder to save your exported recordings. 


Step 9: Create a folder on your USB flash drive that will be tied specifically for your recorded video and press "OK


Once you are finished, click on the "Start" button to begin uploading the recording to your USB drive. 


Note: The length of time it takes for a file to download is dependent on the size of the file. 

Step 10: When exporting is finished, click on the "OK" button to continue. 


If you would like to repeat the process on another channel in your device, right click on the mouse and select the channel you wish to export. For more supplemental information on this process, here is a quick instructional video that you may find useful as well regarding how to export and view recorded videos in your device. 

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