How To Setup Email Alerts

How To Setup Email Alerts


First, navigate to Menu in the lower left hand corner of the first screen.
Click Network on the left panel and click the Advanced tab at the top.
Click the Set button next to Email Settings.
Check Enable SSL or TLS.
See SMTP Server: Select for Gmail.
(Below these instructions, different mailing address variables will be provided.)
See SMTP Port: Type in 465 (this port is for SSL Encryption.)
See Sender Address/Sender Password: Type in your Gmail address and use its password (just like if you were logging into Gmail.)
See Recipient Address and type in your Gmail address once more.
Check the box for Attach Picture.
See Interval and select a timed interval for email delivery. (30s, 1m, 5m, 10m)
Click Apply and click Test.

You should be receiving a test email and the email configuration should be set. If the email test fails make sure your Email Account has 2-Step Verification turned off. Confirm your Internet settings on the DVR are configured correctly and it is using a valid DNS. (Google's Primary DNS is and Secondary is 

2-Step Verification FAQ Gmail

After you login to your Gmail and you can view your inbox open a new tab and go to:

Scroll down and find 2-Step Verification under Password & sign-in method, click the pencil icon and disable it.

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