How to Convert .DAV to .AVI Files



DAV files are the output video files exported from the majority of our Amcrest devices, such as IP Cameras and DVR Systems. This guide will show you how to use our Amcrest Smart Player to convert the DAV files to AVI so that they can be viewed through other media players. Which can be useful in situations when you need to submit your video to law enforcement personnel or other organizations.


Download Amcrest Smart Player


Amcrest Smart Player is a media player designed for the playback of all your recorded video files. (H.264, DAV, etc.)


Compatibility: Requires Windows 7 or later / Requires Mac OS X version 10.7.5 (Lion) or later

Download for Windows PC

Download for Mac OS


Installation Amcrest Smart Player


Once the Amcrest Smart Player has been downloaded, you’ll need to run the installer. Your PC or Mac may request administrative access for the installation to run. Click More Info to display Run Anyway to begin the installation.


Begin the installation by clicking Next, then you will agree to the terms and conditions. You may change the installation directory or simply move to the next step and click Install.


Do not close the installer or turn off your PC during the installation.


Once the installation has been completed click Enjoy Now to run Amcrest Smart Player.

During the initial start up of Amcrest Smart Player, a prompt window will request you to associate file types to be run through this program. Click OK to have the file types listed always open with Amcrest Smart Player. Click Cancel to skip file association.



Converting DAV to AVI with Amcrest Smart Player


To add a video click the folder with the plus sign to add files to the Group File List.

Locate your video files on your computer and open them up in Amcrest Smart Player.


The selected files will be added to the Group File List on the left and start playing in the Play Window on the right. You can select different window type selections from the Play Window table to view multiple videos at once. Please note the video playback in the player is in a 4:3 aspect ratio showing a smaller size of the video recording, but the converted file will still retain the full resolution of the original recorded video file.


Now to export the DAV video file to AVI select the Export File button located at the top menu showing a folded page and arrow. This will open the Export File window.


Check the box of the video file you want to convert in the Files window within the Export File window. Then select the Export Format AVI. When you’re ready to begin exporting click Begin Export.

You will then be prompted to select a file path for the exported file.


Once a file path is chosen the file will begin exporting. Do not close Amcrest Smart Player or turn of your PC during the exportation of the file.

Wait until the prompt window for “Export the end.” has appeared.


The video file you have converted will be located wherever you chose the file path to export the video file to and can now be played with other media players!

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