Quick Start Guide (720P HD-CVI)

To view/download the Amcrest HDCVI DVR Quick Start Setup Guide PDF, Click the link at the bottom of the article.  

Thank you for purchasing our Amcrest HDCVI DVR!
This quick start guide will help you become familiar with our DVR in a very short time.
Before installation and operation, please read the following safeguards and warnings carefully!


  • All installations and operations here should conform to your local electrical safety codes. 
  • We assume no liability or responsibility for any of the fires or electrical shocks caused by
    improper handling or installation. 
  • We are not liable for any problems caused by unauthorized modifications or attempted repair.
  • Improper battery use may result in fire, explosion, or personal injury! 
  • When replacing the battery, please make sure you are using the same model!
Note: All the installations and operations here should conform to your local 
electric safety rules.


When you receive the DVR from the forwarding agent, please check whether there is any visible 
damage. The protective materials used for the packaging of the DVR can protect most accidental 
disturbances during transportation. Then you can open the box to check the accessories. 
Please check the items in accordance with the list on the warranty card. Finally you can remove 
the protective film from the DVR.


For detailed information about the function keys on the front panel and the ports on the rear 
panel, please refer to the User’s Manual included in the resource CD.
The model on the front panel is very important. Please check according to your purchase order.
The label in the rear panel is very important too. Usually we need you to present the serial 
number when we provide the service after sales.


This series DVR has only one SATA HDD. Please use a HDD of 7200rpm or higher.
You can refer to the User’s Manual for recommended HDD brands. 
Please follow the instructions below to install hard disk. 
  • You can connect the HDD data cable and the power cable first and then fix the HDD in the 
  • Please pay attention to the front cover. It adopts a vertical sliding design. You need to push 
    the clip first and then push down.


The front panel is shown as in Figure 1.

                                                                      Figure 1
Please refer to the following sheet for front panel button information.
Name Icon Function
Power Button Image and video hosting by TinyPic Power button: press this button for three seconds to boot up or shut down the DVR.


Image and video hosting by TinyPic
• Activate current control, modify setting, and then move up and down.
• Increase/decrease numerals.
• Assist in functions such as navigating PTZ menu.
Left/Right Image and video hosting by TinyPic • Shift current activated control.
• When in playback, click these buttons to control the playback bar.
Escape ESC • Go to previous menu, or cancel current operation.
• When in playback, press it to restore real-time monitor mode.


• In one-window monitor mode, press this key to display assistant functions: PTZ control and image color.
• Backspace function: in numeral control or text control, press it for 1.5 seconds to delete the character before the cursor.
• In motion detection setup, use the Fn and direction keys to adjust the settings.
• In text mode, click it to switch between numeral and English characters(small/capitalized), etc.
• Activate other special functions.
USB port Image and video hosting by TinyPic To connect USB storage device or USB mouse.
Network Error-Indication Light Net When a network error occurs or there is no network connection, the light becomes red to alert you.
HDD Error-Indication Light HDD When a HDD error occurs or the HDD capacity is below the specified threshold value, the light becomes red to alert you.
IR Receiver Image and video hosting by TinyPic This is used to receive the signal from the remote control.


Here we take the 4-channel series product rear panel as an example. See Figure 2.

                                                                 Figure 2

Please refer to the following sheet for detailed information.

SN Name SN Name SN Name
1 Video input 2 Video output 3 Audio output
4 Audio input 5 Video VGA output 6 HDMI port
USB port 8 Network port 9 RS-485
10 Power socket 11 On/Off button 12 GND port


After the system has booted up, the default video display is in the multiple-window mode.
Click Enter or left click mouse and you can see the login interface. See Figure 3
The system consists of four accounts: 
  • Username: admin Password: admin (administrator, local and network)
  • Username: 888888 Password: 888888 (administrator, local only)
  • Username: 666666 Password: 666666 (Lower authority user who can only monitor, playback, 
    backup, etc.)
  • Username: default. Password: default(hidden user)
For security reason, please modify password after you first login. 
If 3 failed logins are attempted within a 30 minute time period, the system will set off an alarm. 
For five login failures, it will result in the account being locked!
                                              Figure 3

7. WEB 

Open IE and input the DVR address in the address field. For example, if your DVR IP is, then please input in IE address field.
The system pops up a warning asking you whether to install webrec.cab control or not. Please 
click the Yes/Allow button.
If you can’t download the ActiveX file, please modify your IE security setup.
After installation, the interface is shown as below. See Figure 4.
Please input your user name and password. 
The default factory name is admin and password is admin. 
Note: For security reasons, please modify your password after you first login.
                                                                     Figure 4 

For detailed operation information, please refer to the User’s Manual included in the resources CD. 


Component Name Toxic or Hazardous Materials or Elements
Sheet Metal (Case)
Plastic Parts (Panel)
Circuit Board
Wire and Cable/AC Adapter
Packing Material
O: Indicates that the concentration of the hazardous substance in all homogeneous materials in 
the parts is below the relevant threshold of the SJ/T11363-2006 standard.
X: Indicates that the concentration of the hazardous substance of at least one of all
homogeneous materials in the parts is above the relevant threshold of the SJ/T11363-2006 
standard. During the environmental-friendly use period (EFUP) period, the toxic or hazardous 
substance or elements contained in products will not leak or mutate so that the use of these 
(substances or elements) will not result in any severe environmental pollution, any bodily injury or 
damage to any assets. The consumer is not authorized to process such kind of substances or 
elements, please return to the corresponding local authorities to process according to your local 
government statutes.
  • For a detailed operation introduction, please refer to our resource CD included in your 
    package for the electronic version of the User's Manual.
  • This quick start guide is for reference only. Slight differences may be found in the 
    user interface
  • All the designs and software here are subject to change without prior written notice. 
  • All trademarks and registered trademarks mentioned are the properties of their 
    respective owners.
  • If there is any uncertainty or controversy, please refer to us for the final explanation.
  • Please visit our website or contact your local service engineer for more information.


To view/download the Amcrest HDCVI DVR Quick Start Setup Guide PDF, Click this link.


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