IR Codes for the DVR Remote (1080P HD-CVI)

Below are the confirmed IR codes for the DVR and NVR remote:

0x009201ff Number 0
0x008701ff Number 1
0x008601ff Number 2
0x008501ff Number 3
0x008b01ff Number 4
0x008a01ff Number 5
0x008901ff Number 6
0x008f01ff Number 7
0x008e01ff Number 8
0x008d01ff Number 9
0x009601ff ESC press down
0x008001ff -/--
0x009401ff shift
0x008401ff picture division switch(QUAD)
0x008801ff Search for playback
0x008001ff 10+
0x009e01ff enter
0x009b01ff left press down
0x009901ff right press down
0x009501ff up press down
0x009a01ff down press down
0x009701ff add Remote address setting
0x009101ff FN Assist-function
0x009001ff prev The previous video
0x008301ff next The next video
0x008c01ff slow slow playback
0x009c01ff fast fast playback
0x009301ff rec Record
0x009801ff back backward-playing
0x008201ff Play/Pause

Note: 0x009201ff corresponds to: ff 01 92 00

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