Appendix: FAQ


Q: No image when the camera is connected.

A: This issue may be a result of an abnormal power or video connection. Please verify that the power and video connections are seated properly. 

Q: Image is blurry. 

A: Please check I the lens and lens cover are clear of debris or foreign objects. If needed, clean the surface of the camera and/or lens with a clean microfiber cloth.

Q: Horizontal interference fringes on image.

A: This phenomenon is generally caused by power line hum and may be due to your AC power source. A ground loop isolator may be added to the circuit to resolve this issue if it is present via your mains electricity.

Another cause may be that the monitor or video out connections need to be reseated. Please ensure the connections are proper.

Q: Colors within the image consistently change. 

A: This phenomenon is caused by color scrolling, which is mainly due to an alternating electromagnetic field from a fluorescent lamp or ballast. To relieve the issue please reduce the use of florescent lighting near the camera and camera wiring or increase the distance between the camera and florescent lights

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