How To Activate Zoom Feature In Web UI

How To Activate Zoom Feature In Web UI

To activate the variable zoom feature on your camera, we will need to make sure the camera is connected and properly configured to your NVR or DVR.

First, we will connect the camera, to connect your camera to your NVR or DVR, please connect the BNC input for the camera to the GREEN wire and then connect the power adapter for the camera to the red connector. Please then apply the power adapter to a wall outlet or power supply.


Also make sure the input BNC connector is securely fastened to the channel input in the back of the box. Here are some quick snap shots for your reference:


After your camera is successfully connected to your NVR or DVR, we ​​will need to adjust a few settings inside the device. You can either do this directly with the device, or through the NVR or DVR's web UI on a computer. For more information on accessing your device's web UI, here is a quick video you may find helpful.

Note: Please make sure you are using either Internet Explorer or Safari when accessing you web UI because it is the the most compatible with our plugins.



Once you have access to your web UI, we will need to switch the camera to CVI mode. To change the camera to CVI mode, you will need to hold in on the center of the joystick located on the wiring of your camera for 5 seconds, then while holding in, move the joystick to the up position. The camera will then switch to CVI mode.


Once your camera is in CVI mode, we will need to change some PTZ protocols for the camera. ​In the web UI, please click on Setup (gear wheel icon) and then go to System>>PTZ. In the PTZ menu, if the Control Mode is defaulted to "Serial" please make sure you select the proper channel that your camera is on and then inside the "Protocol" field, please select "EPTZ" as your protocol and then "Save" your settings.


Additionally, if your camera's Control Mode is defaulted to HD-CVI, please make sure the "Protocol" is set to "HD-CVI" as well and then "Save" your settings. 


Once the protocol is saved in the web UI, please go to "Preview" and then test the "Zoom" feature located in the right hand portion of the screen right above PTZ Setup/PTZ menu. The variable zoom feature will then be enabled for your camera. The settings will be applied to the Amcrest View Pro app, and other platforms the camera is associated with.





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