Physical Installation (IP8M-B2886EW-AI)

Prior to installation ensure that the installation environment can support at least 3 times the weight of the camera.


Step 1: Place the installation sticker on the installation surface.
Step 2: Drill 3 holes through the holes on the installation sticker. A 1” paddle bit can also be used if installing wires through an installation surface.
Step 3:  Insert the included wall anchors into the newly drilled holes.
Step 4:  Align the bottom bracket of the camera to the installation holes. Then using a Phillips head screwdriver, secure the camera to the installation surface.
Step 5: To adjust the camera up, down, or side to side, use the included torx wrench to loosen the lock and unlock bracket bolt on the bottom bracket.
Note: An included analog cable can be used on an analog monitor if needed. The analog connection is found in the bottom security latch of the camera. The included torx wrench will be needed to open the latch. Secure the latch when finished.
Step 6: When adjusted, turn the lock and unlock bolt to secure the camera in place.
Step 7: Place the top portion of the casing over the camera and installation bracket and use the included torx wrench to tighten the security screw back onto the casing. Do not overtighten the security screw as it may not properly be secured if overtightened.

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