How to Setup a Smart Plan (IP8M-2899EW-AI)

A smart plan acts as a “master switch” for all AI features associated with your camera. There are 2 types of smart plans, global and preset. A global smart plan is a preconfigured smart plan which only applies to face detection. A preset smart plan is a smart plan which is manually created by the user and can be applied to each AI rule.

Please note, it is highly recommended to manually set up a preset smart plan. For more information on setting up a preset smart plan, please refer to the information provided below. 

Setting Up a Smart Plan

Step 1: Ensure the device is connected to your network and powered on, then, go to a computer and access the web user interface (web UI) using a web browser. For more information on how to access the web UI, click here.

Step 2: Click on Setup>>PTZ to access the Function tab and click on Add.


Note: To change the name of the preset, double click on the preset title and enter the title of the preset into the interface. Click the Save icon to save your presets. 


Step 3: Click on Event>>Smart Plan, click on Add Plan, and select your preset from the dropdown menu.


Step 4: Select which AI rule the smart plan will apply and click Save to enable the smart plan. 


Note: A separate preset will need to be added and an additional smart plan will need to be enabled for the multiple categories. Once the smart plan is enabled, the AI feature settings can then be enabled. 

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