Physical Installation (IP8M-TD2685EW-AI)

To install the camera on a ceiling or wall, please refer to the below diagram as well as the steps provided. Prior to installation, please ensure that the installation environment can support at least 3x the weight of the camera and bracket.


Note: Due to certain hardware limitations within your camera it is important to note that these devices will not be able to automatically/remotely pan/tilt or pivot in either the app or via the web UI on a computer. For this reason, it is imperative to make sure to mount the cameras properly and position them as efficiently as you can to the areas you wish to monitor. All positioning actions to the camera will have to be performed manually.
To install the camera onto a wall, follow the steps below:
1. Place the installation sticker onto the mounting surface.
2. Drill bottom holes according to the installation position map and insert the included wall anchors into the holes. If running wires through a wall/ceiling a 1” paddle bit can be used to drill the center portion of the sticker.
3. Use the included Torx wrench to remove the security screw on the front of the casing. This will disassemble the camera from its case.
4. Align the holes on the bottom installation bracket to the wall anchors on your mounting surface. Run the wiring through the newly drilled hole or on the side of the camera keeping the camera and mounting bracket level with the mounting surface.
5. Use a Phillips head screwdriver (not included) to secure the bottom bracket and camera to the mounting surface.
6. Place the top portion of the casing over the camera and installation bracket and use the included Torx wrench to tighten the security screw back onto the casing. Do not overtighten the security screw as it may not properly be secured if overtightened.

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