What is Smart Codec?

Smart codec is a function in most Amcrest cameras which aim to reduce bandwidth consumption without losing visible image quality by intelligently increasing compression where it will not make a visible difference in the scene.


Smart Codec on Amcrest devices are only available in the web user interface using a web browser and typically off by default as it can cause numerous issues with connected services such as Amcrest Blue Iris, Amcrest Cloud, Amcrest Surveillance Pro, etc. If using AI features, such as IVS, please make sure Smart Codec is disabled, this is because the feature may require more resources from the camera causing certain AI features to become unavailable in the interface. 

We are currently developing ways to include this feature more efficiently in our products, however,  it is highly recommended to keep this feature turned off for the most efficient experience with your device. We are currently developing ways to include this feature in future updates, however, currently it is not intended to be available until its functionality is more. For more information on Smart Codec and its overall functions you can find more information by clicking here.

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