How to Add the Camera into the AmcrestGO App (AC4K-600)

How to Add the Camera into the AmcrestGO App (AC4K-600)

The Amcrest 4K action camera has a built-in Wi-Fi feature which allows it to connect to the Amcrest Go mobile app. This app allows you to view your camera on your mobile device and is available on both iOS and Android. For more information on how to add the action camera to the Amcrest Go app, please refer to the information provided below. 

Step 1: Press and hold the the Mode/Power button to turn the camera on. 

Step 2: Press and hold the up arrow on the side of the camera for 3 seconds to set the camera into Wi-Fi mode. The Wi-Fi ID: AMC-GO, and the Wi-Fi Password: 1234567890 will be displayed on the screen. 

Step 3: Close the AmcrestGo app, tap on Settings and tap on Wi-Fi to access the Wi-Fi list. Select AMC-GO from from the Wi-Fi list and allow the camera's Wi-Fi network to connect to your phone. 

Step 4: Open the AmcrestGO app and click Next to continue.


Step 4: Select the camera's Wi-Fi network AMC-GO from the Wi-Fi list and enter the Wi-Fi password for the camera "1234567890". Tap Connection


The app will display the live view of the camera on the interface. 


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